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Professional Seed Cleaning Services in Brooks

Gold Medal Seeds Ltd offers top-notch seed cleaning services in Brooks. We also provide custom seed cleaning to our local producers in Western Canada. Our team can give you seeds of fine quality to get a better crop. We always keep the soil and weather conditions in mind when we recommend seeds. To get trustworthy and professional services, call us today.


Our cleaning facility is one of the best in the country for cleaning alfalfa seeds. We have the ability to clean alfalfa to the highest standards, which means that we can ship our seed to many different markets around the world. With our commitment to quality, we currently clean alfalfa seeds for some of the biggest supplier in Canada. With Brooks being one of Alberta’s biggest alfalfa seed production areas, we also custom-clean alfalfa seed for our local producers.

Cereal Grains

We currently custom-clean cereal grains for some of our local producers. We can clean wheat, barley, oats, and fall rye, as well as some lentils. We can clean to meet Pedigree Seed, Common Seed, Elevator Grades, or just a quick clean for reseeding. We also have the ability with our gravity table to remove a percentage of ergot if present.

Get High-quality Seeds

We custom-clean alfalfa and cereal grain seeds to high quality.

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