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Buy High-yield Seeds and Forage Grasses in Brooks

Gold Medal Seeds Ltd carries a multitude of seeds and forage grasses that are well suited for most soil and climate conditions in Western Canada. Our professional team brings you a fine collection that is tested and well-bred to ensure good produce. We tailor the products to your needs. When it comes to offering different seeds, we have everything that you need. Just give us a call, let us know your requirements and leave the rest to us!

What We Offer

Here are the seeds we can provide you:


Are you looking for high purity common alfalfa? We have a complete range of certified alfalfa with varieties that range from creeping rooted, multifoliate and standard trifoliate types.

Non-bloat legumes

We carry a small amount of Cicer Milkvetch and have access to larger quantities if required. We can access other non-bloat legumes such as Sainfoin and Birdsfoot Trefoil, depending on availability.


We carry a wide assortment of Bromegrass, Wheatgrass, Ryegrass, Wild Rye and Fescues. We also have Orchardgrass, Timothy and Kentucky Bluegrass.

Please call our office to request a quote or to just talk to one of our representatives about your needs.

Seed Supplies

Forage & Revegitative Seed

Currently, we offer a full lineup of forage grasses for sale to fit all our customer’s needs. We currently have access to many top-quality products from various different companies. We also have the ability to custom mix our products or bring us your own and we will mix your pasture, hay, turf or reclamation mixture to your specifications. Please give us a call and we can discuss a mixture that may fit your needs.

Need Forage Grasses?

Our team can provide a complete range of forage grasses, as per your unique requirements.

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